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Last updated: December 31, 201250le one way


  • South Sinai
  • Saint Catherine, Dahab and Nuweiba
  • the high mountains and the Red Sea
  • Bedouin tribes and adventurous travellers
  • traditional and modern

Bedouin Bus provides a missing link in public transport services in the Sinai, and is the connection between East Delta buses from Cairo to St. Catherine and the East Delta coastal routes between Taba, Nuweiba, Dahab and Sharm el-Sheikh.

Bedouin Buses travels between St. Catherine and Dahab and St. Catherine and Nuweiba according to the time table mentioned on this site. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise! No matter how many people there are on the bus, the bus will go. This is a regular service at a set price (of 50le one way).

One way tickets for the Bedouin Bus on any of the sections St. Catherine - Dahab or St. Catherine to Nuweiba cost 50 LE (Egyptian pounds) and are sold on the bus (only). No need for reservations: just show up at one of the bus stops at the right time and we're off. It's that easy !

Our goal: Bedouin Bus is a community project and doesn't look for profit as a primary goal, it is there to provide a service. Surplus from ticket sales and sponsoring will be retained by Bedouin Bus for its self-preservation, expansion or other plans, like helping out in other community projects in South Sinai. We see ourselves as an informal not-for-profit organisation with a broad community support. Want to know more?


A big thanks to our sponsors and supporters; without them, this project would not be possible. When you have the chance, please visit them or their websites.

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